The Winter Issue

The Winter Issue

·       -Winter Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie by Nigella Lawson  Video activity
·        -How to Beat Winter Blues? Reading and vocabulary activity  
·       -Song for a Winter's Night,  Sarah McLachlan Video
·       -How it’s made: Fleece  video by Discovery Network 
·       -Winter Time crossword puzzle 

Nigella Lawson - Winter Recipe Chicken Pot Pie - The Winter Issue

Video activity : 5.14 min

Watch the clip and complete the notes below.

  1. Nigella says that everybody complains about winter but in a way it is ....

  1. The host, Lester, says he was tempted to call it "comfort food" but all food...

  1. To make white sauce you add ... to the butter and chicken stock concentrate or you can crumble a... and finally you whisk in ...

  1. That's the base and then you start adding the ... and the ...

  1. Nigella sometimes roats a chicken on ... and then use the leftovers on a pot pie for ...

  1. After the chicken, she adds ... and frozen ... and puts the mix over the ... or what she calls her "fool-proof" dough.

  1. Rolling the dough is a good ...

  1. Next they use more dough to... the pie, then they ... the extra and make a few ... on the top.    Finally, she uses egg wash to make it glisten and be ...

How to Beat Winter Blues? - The Winter Issue

Read the article and complete the exercises below:

Although many of us find relief from scorching summer heat in winters, this is the season of mild to major depression and mood swings for many. This seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which causes low spirits to many people in winters is popularly known as winter blues syndrome.

The main cause of winter blues is hormonal imbalance due to lesser sunlight and low temperatures. Two hormones- serotonin and melatonin- get out of control resulting into seasonal depression. Serotonin is the activity hormone that gives us energy and melatonin is the sleep inducing hormone.

Light therapy is the best proven way to beat winter blues. Expose yourself to light by getting up early in the morning and basking in the sunlight for some time.

Other common cures are food high in sugar, which helps lift your mood -although overindulging may make you overweight. Also carbohydrates and fruits especially citrus fruits like oranges. Outside the food department, doing regular exercise and experiencing the outdoors are great options. As well as going for a walk with the dog or with a friend, and wearing bright colors like red. All will make you feel more energetic.

In any case, if winter seems eternal, remember the blues finish when the season ends. In the meantime, try with hot chocolate. Rich and thick with a touch of cinnamon or whipped cream, it can seriously turn up the heat on a chilly winter evening.

A)According to the text, are the following statements true or false?
1.Some people like winters and some like summers.
2.The excess of sunlight can make you feel depressed.
3.It is important to keep away from the food department to stay healthy.
4.Walking your dog can make you feel more energetic.
5. Light therapy is a form of quick psichological treatment.
6.For some people, the blues extend over spring and summer.

B)Find a word in the article for the following synonyms or definitions.

  1. feeling

  1. very hot

  1. cold

  1. to rise, elevate

  1. outside

  1. being exposed to warmth

  1. tested

  1. depression

  1. something that alleviates pain or distress

  1. allowing oneself excessive gratification


Sarah McLachlan: Song for a Winter's Night - The Winter Issue

Complete the lyrics with one of the phrases/ words in the box. Then watch the clip and check your work.

to hold          falling       your voice          is burning         
is growing
you sent me      could          to breathe           were lonely
are drifting                could know                is dying
this winter's night         the silence              is rising         steals                 my glass           read            would be happy              night              are lifting

The lamp _________ low upon my tabletop.
The snow is softly ______.
The air is still in _______ of my room.
I hear _______ softly calling.
If I ______ only have you near,
______ a sigh or two.
I would be happy just ______ the hands I love
on _______ with you.
The smoke _____ in the shadows overhead.
_____ is almost empty.
I _____ again between the lines upon each page
the words of love ________
If I ________ within my heart,
you _______ too
I ______ just to hold the hands I love
on this winter's ______ with you.
The fire ______.
The lamp _____ dim.
The shades of night _______.
The morning light ______ across my window pane
where webs of snow are _________.

CHORUS: If I could only have you near to breathe a sigh or two,
I would be happy just to hold the hands I love
on this winter's night with you, and be once again with you.

How It's Made: Fleece - The Winter Issue

Video by Discovery Network:  5.01 minutes

Do you have a fleece sweater or jacket to keep warm this winter. How much do you know about the material?   Watch the clip and answer the questions below.

  1.      In which decade was polyester fleece invented?  
2.      What's the main component in fleece?
3.      Every how often is 3 feet of material produced?
4.      Who ckecks for flaws or problems in the material?
5.      What happens next in the process?
6.      Where is the material dyed or colored?
7.      Why do they twist the polyester later?
8.      Are both sides of the sheet similar?
9.      Why are spinning or rotating brushes used later?
10. How many times do they brush the material? twice
11. The process creates "airpockets" in the material, what for?
12. What tests are made on the material?
13. Where is the material finally transported?

Crossword: Winter Time - The Winter issue

Check your knowledge on popular winter terms.


1. You can wear_______________ for your hands. gloves
3. Winter is no time for sandals, we need warm _______________ and boots for our feet. socks
7. Under a microscope, _______________  have beautiful, unique designs. snowflakes
9. Winter is so cold, we have to find ways to keep ________________ . warm
12. When it's very cold, we say it's  _______________. freezing
13. A long severe snowstorm is called a _______________. blizzard
14. A delicious drink in Winter is hot _______________. chocolate
15. Some who live in houses can sit around the _________________. fireplace


2. People wear  ______________ for their necks. scarfs
4. When there is plenty of snow, children enjoy making a  _______________. snowman
5. In winter we usually throw a couple of _______________ on the bed. blankets
6. Some days the temperature can get _______________ zero. below
7. A popular winter sport is _______________. skiing
8. When it is uncomfortably cool outside, we say it's _______________ . chilly
10. We are very cold in the apartment because the  _______________ is out of order. heating
11. It's cold outside, and it feels even colder because of the _______________. windchill
12. Sometimes it is so cold that still water gets _______________ . frozen

Answers - The Winter Issue

Nigella Lawson - Winter Recipe Chicken Pot Pie

1.the best time in the kitchen
2.comforts me
3.some flour - cube -  milk
4.chicken - veggies
5.Friday   -   the weekend
6.ham    -    peas    -     crust
8.cover -  cut off -  slashes -  golden

How to Beat Winter Blues?
A) 1.T  2.F  3.F 4.T 5.F 6.F
B) 1.mood 2.scorching 3.chilly 4.lift  5.outdoors 6.basking 7.proven 8.blues 9.relief  10.overindulging

Sarah McLachlan: Song for a Winter's Night

is burning            falling            the silence          your voice
could                   to breathe      to hold                this winter's night
is rising                My glass       read                    you sent me
could know         were lonely    would be happy
night                   is dying          is growing            are lifting
steals                  are drifting

How It's Made: Fleece
1.1980's 2.recycled yarn/ material like plastic 3.every 2 minutes
4.inspectors 5.The material is washed and dried. 6.In big machines
7.To drain the rest of the water. 8.No, one is rough and the other is smooth. turn polyester into fleece. 10.twice   11.for insulation or to resist low temperatures.  12.with water, for resistance, fire proof. the clothing factory

Crossword: Winter Time
Across: 1. gloves 3. socks 7. snowflakes 9. warm 12. freezing 13. blizzard 14. chocolate 15. fireplace
Down: 2. scarfs 4. snowman 5. blankets 6. below 7. skiing 8. chilly 10. heating 11. windchill 12. frozen

The Technology Issue

 I Love My Gadgets
Vocabulary, discussion, and reading activity

Cellphone, Friend or Foe?
Discussion, video, and vocabulary activity

Technology in the Kitchen
Vocabulary & listening activity

Fiction & Science
Video and discussion activity

Crosswords: The Gadget Puzzle
Vocabulary/ game activity

I Love My Gadgets

Vocabulary, discussion, and reading activity

A gadget is a tool such as a machine or device that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty.

A.Match the names to the gadgets in the picture below.

home cinema projector  -  tablet   -  headphones  -  scientific calculator      
usb stick  -  sound bar  -  3D printer   - Game console     
flatscreen TV  -  smartphones, iphones   - sound bar  -  GPS 

  • Which ones do you already have? Which do you want? Which would you never use? Why (not)?

B.Read the text and answer the questions that follow.

Every year new desirable devices make their way into the market, such as Go Pro cameras, espresso machines, or 3D printers. 

We know we'd survive without as many gadgets as we own nowadays, but why should we?

Much of our day is spent with devices that do things for us, tell us where to go and what to do.  They are here to entertain and inform us, to feed us, track our health and manage our time. And only after just a few years of existence, they prove to be so valuable. Why does it seem impossible to think of life without them?

Most of us are so increasingly dependent on phones, for instance, that it is unthinkable to even spend a day without social networks, apps or videos.

How long can you survive without your gadgets before having an anxiety attack?

True or False?

1.It is not necessary to live without the benefits that new devices bring.

2.New gadgets appear periodically.

3.Gadgets do many functions and tasks.

4.Many people find that they don’t need their devices.

5.Living without gadgets would be very difficult.

Discuss the ideas in the passage and answer the questions in it. What do you think about the topic.
Alternatively, you can do this activity as a writing.